SUBLICOTTON HEAT TRANSFER PAPER 150 Sh PK 8.5″X11” Sublimation paper for Cotton



SHEE T 8.5 / 11 MADE IN USA. A transfer paper for imaging by dye Sublimation ink jet process for cotton fabrics, providing brilliant colored images on a white background for transferring onto white or light colored cotton fabrics. Product is designed as a “universal” product* for use in all ink jet printers.

Main Applications: Print and transfer color photos and creative designs on t-shirts and other cotton fabrics using your Web-downloaded, scanned, floppy/CD, or digital photo images.




Fade resistant

Color stays brilliant after multiple washings

Durable, long lasting image

Versatile and easy to use

Simple four step process

Multiple uses on most cotton fabrics

Soft, silky feel after initial ironing

A professional silk-screen look

Natural “soft” cloth texture



1. Printing and Preparing Image. – The whiter/smoother surface (without back print) is the imaging side of the paper. – Print design on the paper as a mirror image (reverse image). – Refer to printer settings (see below); single-sheet feeding is recommended. – Before printing final image, produce on economy grade paper to test for layout/design.

2. Cut out Design. – Cut out design leaving narrow (1/4”-1/2”) margin around edge of the image.

3. Preparing for Transfer. – Heat iron (without steam) to maximum cotton setting. – Fabric should be 100% cotton; iron first if necessary to ensure flatness.- Let fabric cool before ironing transfer image; lay fabric on hard, smooth surface. – Place transfer paper with printed image facing down in desired position on fabric.

 4. Ironing/Transferring Image. – Apply hot, dry iron and follow guidelines below for pressure and ironing time. – Iron with straight, non-stop motions from top to bottom and side to side.

 5. Peel. – Allow fabric to cool completely, then smoothly and evenly peel away backing paper. – To facilitate peeling, gently fold the fabric near an edge of the transferred image.


• Adult supervision is recommended for children; use in a well-ventilated area.


HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR PRINTED FABRIC (washing instructions) 

• Fabrics should be machine washed inside out (separately for the first time only) in cool or cold wash setting. 

• No bleach. • Immediately remove garments from washer. Colors may bleed if left wet to long. 

• Tumble dry at warm setting. 

• To re-iron fabric after washing, do not iron directly on transferred image.



In Sawgrass Virtuoso Printers SG400 / SG8000

To access the Sublicotton Profile you will need to activate a specific Edition in the VPM as follows:


Click on the VPM icon in your task bar

Go to Options > Edition > Enable New Edition

Type in “metrotrade” and click Apply

Now when you go to print you can select “cotton” as a substrate and you’ll see the Sublicotton appear in the Paper field.


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